Alchemy Dance Improvisation by Anne O’Keeffe and Mischa Baka. Currently in post-production

Image by Mischa Baka

Why is the expressive, feeling place found in Alchemy Dance such a necessity in the world today? What attracts students to Alchemy and what changes take place in their lives? This documentary addresses these questions by contrasting the expressive creativity of class with the reality of students’ lives beyond the studio. Alchemy students will reveal their stories, showing that no matter how complex and challenging their lives may be, a place of earnest connection, feeling and creativity is a necessity.

The experience of Alchemy Dance Improvisation will be intimately revealed, showing processes in action that transform people’s lives and sense of self. Can the body reveal the truth more than words? In a world full of judgement and expectation, how challenging is it to commit to authenticity? Can growth occur when, despite our fears, we move forward with integrity?

Anne’s story will be the beating heart of this film – illuminating the power of being fully seen and received. Her philosophies and insights offer a gentle remedy for society’s current challenges, revealing a community where creativity and vulnerability build strength, resilience and belonging.